Chances are if you are reading every magazine or watching many home makeover shows it can be confusing when you try to pick the right colour for your room. For the most part it appears that anything goes, and that can be the case if you are talented enough to co-ordinate a room.   Unfortunately, […]

Since more and more people are working from home lately I think it is imperative that a separate space be defined .  For a modern home office space, it is best to create an individualistic and independent environment from the rest of the environment so you aren’t disturbed by your family members, guests or annoying neighbors. In […]

  This is usually the room we don’t give enough attention to, but remember kids probably spend more time in their rooms than we do!  To create an appealing atmosphere take a cue from your child’s special interests.   Select a theme to create a place they will look forward to spending time in.  Some examples include: Ocean: If […]

CREATIVE WALLS Walls don’t have to be boring.  While they may be flat or dull generally speaking, today there are many options available to change this.  Wallpaper, ceramic, decorative stone, wood and now 3D wall panels are all textures in the spotlight these days. WALLPAPER: Today’s wallpapers imitate an infinite number of textures, ranging from […]

QUICK KITCHEN REVAMP   Kitchens are the heart of the home.  It is where we prepare our meals, sit down to eat, and entertain our family and friends…for the most part of it anyway.  This is why it is important to have a functional kitchen, one that reflects our tastes as well as the latest […]

              As we all know the rich get richer and the poor…well hopefully they are getting smarter. Some of us already shop at big Outlet stores hoping to score a deal. If we are really strapped we go to the Second hand stores/or sites buying home decor and then […]