kids room


This is usually the room we don’t give enough attention to, but remember kids probably spend more time in their rooms than we do!  To create an appealing atmosphere take a cue from your child’s special interests.   Select a theme to create a place they will look forward to spending time in.  Some examples include:

Ocean: If the enjoyed their vacation at the beach they can return there in memory with a beach-themed bedroom.  Use watery blues on the walls, sand-coloured floors, and sea shell theme accessories.  Wallpapers can be an excellent touch as well as posters and prints.

ocean rm 2


Animals: For children that are crazy about animals, select wallpaper, posters, prints, or bedding featuring their favourite prints.  Whether inspired by the jungle, tv show, or favourite stuffed toy, animals can, with a child’s imagination turn into pleasing imaginary playmates.


Sports: Sports enthusiasts of both genders enjoy having mementos of their favourite sports, whether it is in the form of trophies, room accessories, or team pennants.  Skates that have been outgrown can become decorative elements on shelves.  For the child who has a passion for rowing, oars can be painted in bright colours and be transformed into wall décor.


Gardens: Stencil, paint or glue flowers on lamps, headboards, and walls to help recreate the natural beauty of an outdoor garden inside the room.



Stars and moonlight: A little night owl will enjoy seeing the planets on the ceiling and perhaps a few shooting stars that decoratively land on walls and furniture.  Natural light can be transformed with the right window treatment to help create an ethereal mood across the room.  Silhouette window shadings softly diffuse light and protect against harsh UV rays while enjoying light and a view.


Of course these are just a few ideas you can use to create an exciting space for your child.  If you have any questions or need a hand putting a theme together feel free to contact me.