wall room pic

Walls don’t have to be boring.  While they may be flat or dull generally speaking, today there are many options available to change this.  Wallpaper, ceramic, decorative stone, wood and now 3D wall panels are all textures in the spotlight these days.

wall paper room pic


Today’s wallpapers imitate an infinite number of textures, ranging from carbon fibre with a padded look to natural materials such as brick, leather, wood, and even wool.  Some wallpapers can imitate bookshelves or paintings, creating an optical illusion of depth, or they can display a nature theme with enormous colourful patterns that instantly brighten a room.  Wallpapers are easy to find in your local hardware store and can even be custom ordered depending on how elaborate the pattern is.

ceramic pic


To create intrigue and dimension, the very latest ceramic wall tiles are three-dimensional; their sculpted surfaces and whimsical shapes, such as weaves, knots, and seashells, interact with the light in the room.  Attractive and affordable, they can truly change the way you see your walls.  Ceramic tiles imitating stainless steel and mosaics are also available.

deco stone wall


Decorative Stone adds texture to interior walls, it is not as costly as brickwork, and easier to lay.  It is also surprisingly realistic; when laid vertically, it creates a dynamic look.

wood wall


Wood comes in many different forms. You can choose vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wall-to-wall panelling for classic elegance or daring, undulating panels for a fresh new look. It is even possible to lay a floating floor on a wall!

3d wall

3D Wall Panels:

Wall Decor 3D wall panels bring your walls to life with  modern and contemporary textured wall designs.  These panels are made from natural plant fibres from crushed sugarcane stalks.  The shredded raw material is called bagasse. The wall panels are paintable, lightweight, eco-friendly and easy to install.  It is an economical, enviromentaly friendly interior wall decor product which creates a stunning, rich and modern look to any interior wall design.

As you can see ideas for walls can be limitless!  Don’t think of them as boring, afterall a textured wall can create a spectacular effect!