5 main reasons for choosing a property management company:

Property pic

  1. They Know How to Market Your Property to Keep it Rented. Vacant rental property is a drain instead of an asset. An experienced property management company knows how to aggressively market your property to keep it rented.

  2. Better Tenant Screening. An experienced property management is more likely to have an effective system for screening tenants to ensure that your property has quality tenants who can meet their financial obligations and who will be more likely to take better care of your property.   By carrying out thorough background checks. The screening process includes a complete credit check, tenant history, employment verification and bad check search.

  3. Protects Your Investment. An experienced property management company will take better care of your property.  By securing the premises of the property from thefts, fires, illegal intrusions and other man-made hazards that can endanger the property whether occupied or vacant.   A property management company will have seen it all and will be able to confidently handle any problems that arise with your property quickly and efficiently.  

  4. Makes Owning Rental Property Simple and Convenient. A company with experience in property management will be able to streamline the process of owning rental property so that you can spend your time doing other things while still enjoying the financial benefits.  Daily utility needs like water and electricity must be available at all times.  Other things like building repairs must also be addressed immediately i.e. carpentry, roofing, painting, electrical and plumbing works. Important services such as general cleaning, carpet cleaning and trash hauling all need to be provided as well. Environment regulations on quality of water, proper waste disposal, energy consumption and interior air maintenance must also be complied with.

  5. Offers the Best Service to Clients. Unlike new companies that might get overwhelmed and be unable to offer truly personalized service to their property owners, an experienced property management company is more likely to have a low property manager to client ratio in order to provide top-notch, personalized service.  If you have a day job, run your own business or live far from your houses for rent, you need a property manager to represent you in resolving issues with your tenants.

Remember your rental property is a big investment you have worked hard to acquire.   They need to be properly managed and protected to maintain good physical condition and enhance their value.  Don’t take unnecessary risks by entrusting it to an inexperienced property management company.